Movement & me...

Movement has always been an integral part of my life - from sports to dance to martial arts.  After suffering from many injuries I delved deeper into yoga and pilates to find a safe way to create mobility and strength within my body.

Over the years I have taken over 800 hours of formal training in Yoga, Pilates and Acro-Yoga as well as hundreds more of self learning to further my own curiosity about my body and others. My daily practice has allowed me to find balance in my body and mind; on and off my mat.  It is a practice which I owe my life, career and happiness to as it leads me on this  journey of self discovery.  I’ve not only learnt about my own body but helped to teach others how to care for their own too.

My own journey is one which I'm still learning so much from and it fuels my passion as a teacher daily, to share the benefits that movement can bring you today!