Flexibility or Mobility?

Flexibility or mobility?

This has been the game changer in my practice and overall body health. .
Practice for me used to include pulling myself into positions. Improving my flexibility, dumping into my joints and using anchor points and binds to hold myself up in positions. I would ask myself why I couldn’t get full splits in inversions or hold my leg straight above 90 degrees. I would get frustrated at having all this movement and flexibility but I could use only 10% of it actively (without pulling with my arms or legs). .
Why? Because all my training focused on my passive flexibility and no mobility. In our traditional practice we often focus on stretching out our muscles but we tend to shy away from actively using the flexibility and building strength within it - building our bodies mobility! .
So next time your passively stretching or pulling yourself into stretches, try taking a step back and see if you can hold or move into your pose without help! Try holding your leg up or lifting out of your split or over split. Try lifting your leg into double pigeon without using your hands or bringing your foot to your hand in dancer while in the balance! .
I explore all these things in my workshops as I explore building on your range of motion actively and with strength and awareness! Email me for more details or check out my website to see where I’m teaching next! .
Try some of my examples and Let me know how you get on!

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