Handstand Stamina - Shoulder Strengtheners

Handstand Strength

So for everyone who looks at this and goes I’ll never be able to do this - I have news for you. YOU CAN! I have worked for the last year to go from a bendy 0.00000001 second kick up to actually feeling like I can hold myself with control and ease. .
How? Patience and practice is an annoying answer I know but it took a lot of both during this year - and shoulder stability. .

The main thing that lacks in a lot of peoples Handstands is the strength in their shoulders to shift their weight into the front of their hands. This combined with a fear of falling head first into the floor means people shift their weight back into their palms causing a lot of bendy banana handstands.

One easy (in theory) tip I can give you is building stamina in your shoulders As you can train your balance easier once you have the strength in the shoulders to support you fully! .

So as well as kicking up, playing with balance and working on holding your handstand unassisted ( because they are very important as well) isolate your shoulders and build the stamina. It’ll help you even more when you try and do those bunny hops in the middle of the room! .

Tip tips: .
1: Toe Taps: start with your hands a hands width in front of your feet and begin to lift up onto your toes. (Either bend your legs or use blocks under the hands if you can’t reach the floor). Extend through the arms & begin to tap your ankles with your toes. Make sure to pull the belly up & in trying to lift the hips as high as you can. You want to maintain a hollow body shape with the torso (no arching) & wrap your biceps to your cheeks! This “loads” your shoulders so you can feel how to extend up while lifting the hips. .
2: Wall Holds!: these are hard but AMAZING for stamina. Start in an L shape, extending through the arms & shoulders, trying to maintain a hollow body. (Don’t sink down, but push away from the floor).
Try also holding a tuck shape & nose to wall straight handstand for variations!
Start holding for 5-10 seconds & work up to a minute or more! I try three sets of one minute with a minute rest in between each

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