Preps to fly your crow!

When you want to crow, sometimes you just need to do something else to get there...

When I first began I used to just train and train a posture until I achieved it. Now I’ve learnt that although practicing the posture is a must, it is actually just as beneficial to isolate the specific skills needed and train them through separate movements, rather then just the asana itself!

Crow pose needs arm and shoulder strength - yes. But our core is actually the foundation of the posture. The use of our core helps to lighten the amount of weight our arms take as we use it to “lift” our body upwards while balancing, stopping our full weight from dumping down on our arms. It’s also this “lifting” sensation which paves the way for crow transitions such as crow press to handstand, crow to headstand and gives us the strength to perform other arm balance transitions from bakasana and back again.

Click HERE for a video of some wrist warmups and crow drills. As well as a real time crow at the end.

Try these core variations and let me know how you find them! .
1. SEATED CROW: sit in navasana and bring you knees as close to your head as possible without using your arms. Hold for 3-5 breaths and release back to navasana. - This is a great drill to train your mula bandha and is one which is used to help with jump through and anything that needs a lot of compression core work.
2. RECLINING CROW: similar to the above variation this is a nice one to take if you find balancing on your sit bones difficult. Lie on your back and make a crow position, pull your legs into tour chest, bring your knees to the biceps and pull your body off the floor using your core.
3. CROW WALKS: This variation allows you to load the arms and shoulders without over taxing the wrists before they are ready. Set up as if you are taking crow pose, keeping the arms straight shift the weight forward and lift just one leg from the floor. Try to gradually lessen the amount of weight in the foot on the floor each time. Repeat on both legs!

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