Shoulder Openers

I feel like Iā€™m on a constant quest for open shoulders since starting my inversion practice. Who would have thought that raising your hands above your head correctly could be so difficult?! .
Often people open their shoulders in a backbend, targeting their chest and thoracic spine as well as the shoulder, but this tends to mean that the other areas of your body can compensate and allow the shoulders themselves to not open fully. .
By hollowing the torso and not allowing the back to arch in these postures, you can target the shoulders specifically.
A nice little add on for any shoulder mobility work you may do!


1. MOVE SLOW! I always start by moving slowly between the hollowed and arched position to mobilise my spine and shoulders first. Feel the articulation through your whole spine as you move between positions, and really become aware where you feel the stretch most to make sure your targeting those shoulders. .
2. In Hollow, really draw your ribs together creating as much of a straight line in your spine as possible. This will make sure any opening of the shoulders is done directly in the shoulder and not being helped by the chest! .

But more then anything try to experiment and feel which variations work best in your body! Let me know what you find out

Aurora BowkettComment