Pincha Progressions

Pinchamayasana or forearm stand was by far one of my biggest challenges in yoga. The need for shoulder strength and stability, as well as openness makes it such a tricky posture to gain. .
BUT - you can do it! I’ve used these little tips to help improve the strength in my shoulders while creating flexibility, to allow for more stability in my straight pinchamayasana. .
Also check out my full post HERE for my video ➡️➡️ for some extra drills I use to warm up and strengthen my shoulders, back and core! I’ve used a block to show how this can be used to keep hands shoulder width apart! .
1) Shoulder Stacking: move into dolphin, then walking the legs in towards the arms, shift the gaze through the arms to create openness in the shoulders. Doing this with weight also allows strength to be built while creating flexibility. If you want an extra challenge keep the neck relaxed and lift your forearms into #turbodog ! Keep thinking your back wide with your shoulder blades moving away from each other (protracting) and think about squeezing your elbows together to engage your back! .
2) Tuck it! - I first became stable in tuck pinchamayasana before straight. Not only is it a smaller shape to hold but it encourages you to engage your deep core muscles to pull your legs in tight. Also split and stag leg variations can be used to gain an idea of how to first balance in this posture, through the aid of the legs as counter balance. .
3) One Leg Tuck - this is a great prep for tuck pincha and normal pincha. Bring one leg in at a time while in dolphin, squeezing the heel towards the bum and the knee to the chest. This works your core engagement while building strength in your shoulders. Try to keep the shoulders stacked above your wrists and engaged through the whole movement! . .

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