Splits and Active Splits

Propped Splits

This is one of the poses I get asked most about. “How do you do it?” Answer: STRENGTH .
So often people just think about sinking down into their hamstrings loosening them up but not building the strength to support this flexibility. .
I was guilty of this myself until I realised I couldn’t use my flexibility for anything useful because I have no stability in the muscles. So here are some strengthening tips to work your strength AND flexibility. .

Click on the title to link to my orginal post with video to see a short collection of exercises I use to work on my hamstrings! ➡️➡️

Here is my favourite hamstring strengtheners -
1. Floating splits is my go to exercise to work those hamstrings. Lower yourself down as if going into hanumanasana/splits but before you reach you maximum stretch hover yourself off the floor. Engage your hamstrings, quads, glutes and core and work from fingertips (or blocks) on the floor to lifting your hands fully off.
TIP: squeeze your inner thighs together to keep your hips even, which will give you more stability. .
2. Use the WALL. Splits on the wall is a great place to stretch and build strength as you have to engage to fully open up as you work against gravity! Use your arm strength to help at the beginning gradually moving more into your legs to keep your splits active and open up the wall! .
3. WORK YOUR CORE! I believe every posture in yoga originates at your core as for me this is the control center for all my movement. Try lying on your back, first stretching your leg toward your head with your arms. Then let go of the leg and lift your body upwards ensuring your shoulder blades leave the floor. Pull your leg in towards your body and lift your torso at the same time engaging your core, hip flexors and leg muscles. .

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